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Audio Input Options

  • Use Your Own File: Upload and use your own audio file for transcription.
  • Use a YouTube Link: Provide a YouTube link to use the audio from the video.

Intelligence Features

These features use specific language models and can be used with or without transcription. 

    • Summarization: Provides summaries for sections of content. (Not available for French)
    • Topic Detection: Identifies and extracts key topics from sections of content. (Not available for French)
    • Intent Detection: Identifies the intents behind the spoken words. (Not available for French)
    • Sentiment: Analyzes the sentiment (positive, neutral, negative) and provides a sentiment score for words, sentences, paragraphs, and segments. (Not available for French)

Transcription Features

These features enhance the transcription process, suitable for both pre-recorded and live audio.

    • Smart Format: Improves readability with punctuation, paragraph breaks, and formatting of entities like dates and numbers.
    • Punctuation: Adds punctuation and capitalization to the transcript.
    • Paragraphs: Splits audio into paragraphs for better readability (automatically enables punctuation).
    • Utterances: Segments speech into meaningful units, with customizable silence duration to split utterances.
    • Diarization: Recognizes and marks speaker changes.
    • Filler Words: Transcribes disfluencies like “uh” and “um”.

Use Cases

Podcast Transcription

Benefit: Automatically convert podcast episodes into written articles, making content more accessible and boosting SEO.

Audience: Podcasters, content creators, and bloggers.

Interview Transcription

Benefit: Easily transcribe interviews into blog posts, saving time and ensuring accurate documentation of conversations.

Audience: Journalists, researchers, and media professionals.

Webinar Summaries

Benefit: Convert webinar audio into detailed summaries and articles, providing valuable content for attendees and non-attendees alike.

Audience: Educators, trainers, and marketers.

Meeting Minutes

Benefit: Transform audio recordings of meetings into well-structured articles or minutes, ensuring important information is documented and easily accessible.

Audience: Business professionals, team leaders, and project managers.

Content Repurposing

Benefit: Repurpose audio content, such as speeches or lectures, into engaging blog posts, extending the reach and lifespan of the original content.

Audience: Public speakers, educators, and digital marketers.